The art education program is designed for students interested in pursuing a teacher career with a balanced preparation in both two and three dimensional experiences. This program, together with the requirements of the Division of Education, provides the courses necessary to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with teacher certification.

The art history program offers courses in Non-Western and Western Art history that explore the cultures, period styles, and significant visual representations produced from pre-history to the present.

The spacious studio and adjacent patio areas are furnished with the latest in clay equipment and kilns. Students in the ceramics program receive individualized instruction in both wheel thrown and handbuilt pottery construction, along with a variety of glaze decoration and firing techniques.

The drawing program introduces the student to a variety of methods, subject matter, and drawing materials. Students work from observation and visualization, create illusions of space, and study contemporary expressions of works on paper.  In advanced classes, thematic approaches are explored to encourage personally driven content accented by handling of drawing media and formal decisions.

The graphic design program at Midwestern State University serves to prepare its students to solve creative challenges. Through a variety of courses covering the four main arenas of graphic design: print, publication, animation, and web, students will become equipped to enter the design industry.

The program offers instruction in jewelry and non-ferrous metal working so that the students learns to express their ideas in metal. Metalsmithing majors are encouraged to create a broad range of forms while learning to raise, forge, enamel, cast, and construct with a variety of materials.

The painting program introduces the student to a variety of methods, painter's materials, and tools. Painting majors build a foundation in the uses of oil, watercolor, and acrylic paints. Every aspect of the painter's craft, from stretcher construction to final presentation, is a part of the curriculum.

The medium of photography holds an important role in society's translation and understanding of global events. Photographic images serve as a record and response to how one interacts with the world and allows us insight into the complexities of human nature. The Photography program prepares students to become practicing artists and scholars through creative expression and creative problem-solving skills. You'll emerge ready to succeed as a professional artist, and pursue a variety of career opportunities in the commercial, education or fine art fields.

The program offers instruction in relief, intaglio, lithographic, and serigraphic media. Majors in printmaking develop substantial skills in all processes with emphasis in color production. A large studio has been equipped and tailored to meet specific graphic requirements.

Sculpture majors develop specialized skills in the manipulation of materials used to create sculpture. Students produce individual, expressive works in welded, carved, constructed, and cast forms. The 2,700 square foot main studio has been specifically designed for work in  a variety of media.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts with Teacher Certification (BFA with Teacher Certification)