The graphic design program at Midwestern State University serves to prepare its students to solve creative challenges. Through a variety of courses covering the four main arenas of graphic design: print, publication, animation, and web, students will become equipped to enter the design industry.


Graphic Design Courses

ART 2713: Graphic Design I, Introduction to Graphic Design
Prerequisites: ART 1113, 1333 or consent of instructor.
Introduction to the fundamental components of design theory and the history of graphic design. Creation of solutions to design problems through conceptualization, research, execution and presentation of projects. Overview of design methodologies.

ART 3703: Graphic Design II, Print Design
Prerequisite: ART 2713 or consent of instructor.
In-depth exploration of the production of vector and raster graphics. Projects ranging from the creation of logos to the creation of social awareness campaigns. Continuation of the development of print production and presentation skills.

ART 3713: Graphic Design III, Publication Design
Prerequisite: ART 3703 or consent of instructor.
Introduction to the role of graphic designers in the layout and design of publications. Practices and technologies used to create multi-page publications. Exploration of typographic forms and applications.

ART 4703: Graphic Design IV, Animation
Prerequisite: ART 3713 or consent of instructor.
Three-dimensional and animation design. Use of storyboards and skills involving interface design. Special attention to concept design and creative problem solving.

ART 4713: Graphic Design V, Web Development
Prerequisite: ART 4703 or consent of instructor.
Introduction to Web-page and site development. Preparation of individual projects. Emphasis on team approaches to solving complex design problems.

ART 4733: Graphic Design VI, Portfolio Design 
Prerequisite: ART 4713 or consent of instructor.
Creation of a portfolio. Refinement of existing projects and creation of new projects to ensure a substantial portfolio. Creation of self-promotional materials to accompany the print portfolio.

Student Work