The drawing program introduces the student to a variety of methods, subject matter, and drawing materials. Students work from observation and visualization, create illusions of space, and study contemporary expressions of works on paper.  In advanced classes, thematic approaches are explored to encourage personally driven content accented by handling of drawing media and formal decisions.

Drawing Courses

ART 1313: Drawing I
Drawing a variety of subjects in both wet and dry media with emphasis on black and white visual organization and expression.

ART 1323: Drawing II
Prerequisite: ART 1313.
Continuation of 1313 with emphasis on color drawing media and development through both individual and group projects.

ART 3213: Drawing III
Prerequisite: ART 1323 or consent of instructor.
Emphasis on advanced pictorial attitudes and mixed media production through prolonged drawing problems.

ART 4213: Drawing IV
Prerequisite: ART 1323 or consent of instructor.
The development of personal attitudes towards drawing. Designed to deal with problems and concepts.

ART 4223: Drawing V
Prerequisite: ART 4213 or consent of instructor.
Continuation of ART 4213.