The program offers instruction in relief, intaglio, lithographic, and serigraphic media.  Majors in printmaking develop substantial skills in all processes with emphasis in color production.  A large studio has been equipped and tailored to meet specific graphic requirements.

Printmaking Courses

ART 2153: Printmaking I
Prerequisites: ART 1113, 1123, 1323 or consent of instructor.

Introduction to printmaking. Beginning instruction in one of the following printmaking processes: intaglio, dealing with etching, aquatint, and soft ground. Relief printing methods including linocuts and relief intaglio applications. Screen process printing (serigraphy) dealing with direct photo emulsions. Monoprint and monotype processes.

ART 3143: Printmaking II
Prerequisite: ART 2153 or consent of instructor.

Introduction to a second print medium: intaglio, relief, or serigraphy emphasizing color printing. (See ART 2153 - Printmaking I for definition media.)

ART 3153: Printmaking III
Prerequisite: ART 3143 or consent of instructor.

Advanced study in a previously enrolled medium or introduction to a third process. Emphasizing color printing and technical development. (See Printmaking 2153 for definition media.)

ART 4143: Printmaking IV
Prerequisite: ART 3153 or consent of instructor.

Selected Studio problems with emphasis on combining mixed media. Stressing individual development and production.

ART 4153: Printmaking V
Prerequisite: ART 4143 or consent of instructor.

Further emphasis in individual development of image and technique stressing production of prints to be included in the Senior Exhibition. May be repeated for credit.

Student Work