Additional Uses
  • create learning resource video clips (for use by students or the professional development of staff

  • prepare educational segments on safety issues (e.g. on roads, in playground, at home)

  • assist in a variety of ways with the learning of other languages

  • preparation of mini documentaries, interviews or news reports

  • record students role playing difficult social situations

  • record school performances, excursions, special events, field trips, visits by specialists, etc.

  • collect video of authentic workplace situations that can be analyzed in math or statistics classes

  • use frame by frame analysis techniques to accurately record rapid change in experiments or sport

  • compile still images over a long period to produce time lapse movies

  • use frame grabbing software to record and analyze critical events

  • increase student awareness of manipulative techniques used in advertising

  • develop greater critical literacy skills by comparing television or movie segments with own creations

  • view difficult, dangerous or expensive experiments or activities (recorded with specialists)

  • assist in the introduction of disabled students into mainstream classes

  • show skills that are quicker to learn by observation (e.g. sewing a French seam)

  • record and analyze student or teacher presentations