What is Wellness?
Wellness is more than the absence of illness. It is a state of physical, emotional, social, and educational well-being. The goal of University Wellness at Midwestern State University is to encompass all aspects of wellness and provide desired services to our student body. Collectively, the Counseling Center, the Vinson Health Center, the Department of Disability Support Services, and the Student Wellness Center will be responsible for providing these services to the students at Midwestern State University.

Four Dimensions of Wellness

Read more about the Four Dimensions and discover a wide variety of programs and services available to help you "treat yourself well!"

Wellness Calendars  

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Become a Wellness Advocate

Support wellness at Midwestern State University! We are looking for Wellness Advocates that are willing to form a group to share ideas and resources related to wellness. Students, staff and faculty are all invited to join others at MSU committed to creating a healthy community where we can all flourish! Wellness Advocates meet once or twice a semester to share information, promote upcoming events, and form collaborations that support wellness on campus. Wellness Advocates may also send out announcements via email to the entire group. Contact the Student Wellness Center at (940) 397-4466 to find out how to get involved!