Academic Scholarships
Generally awarded for academic achievement, special abilities as indicated by the applicant's past record (high school and/or college), ACT or SAT scores, participation in extracurricular activities, and other criteria as defined by the specific scholarship programs. Scholarships are considered a resource when determining a student's total financial aid package, and therefore, may affect a student's award(s). Preliminary scholarship information and applications can be obtained from the   MSU Admissions Office  located in the Hardin Administration Building, South Wing. Additional scholarship information can be obtained from   MSU Donor Services.  Students should also contact the Dean or Chair of the student's major   field of study  for additional information regarding scholarships in the student's field of study.

Athletic Scholarships
Generally awarded based on the student's athletic ability. Information regarding athletic scholarships can be obtained from the   Head Coach  of the particular sport.

Community and Service Organizations
Also offer scholarships, but students should apply early and know the deadlines! With a little work, a student can obtain scholarships to help fund his/her college education.  Many websites are available to help students search for scholarships. Here are some useful links to aid in your scholarship search: