Prospective Students

Midwestern State University offers a number of housing options to help every student find their on-campus home. Most freshmen are assigned to our traditional residence halls (Pierce, Killingsworth, McCullough-Trigg, and Legacy Halls) where the Residence Life & Housing staff offer specific activities, events, and programming designed to support students in their transition to the University. Students are encouraged to become involved, meet new people, and maximize their success at as Mustangs.


Recognizing the unique needs of our upperclassmen and transfer students, Midwestern State University offers the independence of apartment living with all of the conveniences of living on campus. Sundance Court and Sunwatcher Village are home to many upperclassmen living in two-bedroom or four-bedroom housing units. Each unit features single bedrooms, small living rooms, and full kitchens.

Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 Rates

Room and Board rates







KILLINGSWORTH & PIERCE HALL                                                               
Semi-Private (Double) Room $4,940 $2,964 $1,976
Private Room $5,940 $3,564 $2,376
Semi-Private (Double) Room $5,500 $3,300 $2,200
Private Room $6,150 $3,690 $2,460
Semi-Private (Double) Room $5,960 $3,576 $2,384
Private Room $6,550 $3,930 $2,620
Two Bedroom Unit $7,510 $4,506 $3,004
Four Bedroom Unit $6,890 $4,134 $2,756


Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Options

  • Platinum All Access - $1960
  • Gold 200 - $1765
  • Silver 150 - $1550
  • Bronze 75 (apartment residents only) - $834

Flex Dollars

All base plans include $100 in flex that can be used at any retail location or the Legacy Market. Additional flex can be added to plans at increments of $100. Students often choose to use flex dollars for grab-and-go items, treating a guest to a meal, or for additional retail options after a meal exchange is used.  Flex amounts carry over from the Fall to Spring semester.  Unused flex dollars are forfeited at the end of the Spring semester. 

Additional Information Explaining How Your Meal Plan Works

  • All meal plans can be used at any dining location on campus.
  • The All-Access plan is considered the "best value" and allows students to enter the Mesquite Dining Hall and Maverick's Corner an unlimited number of times each day unless a meal exchange is utilized.
  • The Gold 200, Silver 150, and Bronze 75 plans are considered “block” plans. Students have the designated number of meals in their block to use each semester. 
  • Students may also use their plan for one meal exchange a day at a retail dining location (i.e. Einstein Brothers Bagels, Chick-fil-A, Burrito Bowl, Grill Nation, etc.). If a student uses their plan at a retail dining location, they will only be able to use flex until the next meal period begins. Students on the All-Access plan must wait until the start of the next meal period to begin using their meal plan in Mesquite or Maverick’s Corner. 

Meal Plan Changes

  • The last day to change your meal plan for the fall is Friday, September 3. If you are required to have a meal plan but have not selected one, you will be assigned the Platinum Unlimited Plan.
  • All plans will be automatically assigned for spring semester unless you have notified our office in writing during the spring meal plan change period.

For more information about on-campus dining, please visit our Mustangs Dining page.

Living Learning Programs

Living-Learning Programs (LLPs) are one way for students to enhance their residential experience while meeting other students who share similar interests and majors.  National research suggests students participating in LLPs:

  • Develop academic and social support systems more quickly than other students
  • Network more often with faculty and staff outside of the classroom
  • Engage more deeply with their areas of study

MSU offers LLPs for Business Majors, Health Sciences & Human Services Majors, Science and Mathematics Majors, Education Majors, Fine Arts Majors, Transfer Students, Honors Program Students, and Priddy Scholar Program Students.

Please click to learn more about Living Learning Programs.