The purpose of Midwestern State University’s Compliance and Ethics Program is to provide a framework for promoting a culture that:

  1. Encourages ethical behavior,
  2. Promotes a commitment to ensure the highest level of compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, institutional policies, procedures and other rules governing higher education, including research and health care to the extent applicable, and
  3. Prevents and detects criminal conduct or other conduct inconsistent with an effective compliance and ethics program.

MSU has myriad obligations for compliance with external and internal mandates and standards. Compliance with these mandates and standards is the responsibility of every member of the MSU community including regents, officers, faculty, staff, student employees, agents, and volunteers. See MSU Policy 2.26 Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program.

About the Program

The university’s Compliance and Ethics Program takes a decentralized approach using a committee structure. The President and members of the President’s Cabinet are charged with the responsibility for the university’s compliance oversight and coordination of compliance activities. Key representatives from various university departments, who are the subject matter experts are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the compliance and ethics program. Subcommittees may be created to oversee compliance issues in one specific area, help the university respond to new compliance issues and provide status reports to other committees


Executive Oversight Compliance and Ethics Committee
This committee is comprised of the President and members of the President’s Cabinet. Its primary focus is to ensure the university has an effective compliance and ethics program, direct policy, instill the importance of compliance and ethical behavior, and has the overall responsibility for the program.

Current Members:

Dr. Suzanne Shipley President
Dr. James Johnston Provost and VP, Academic Affairs
Dr. Keith Lamb VP, Student Affairs
Dr. Marilyn Fowle’ VP, Administration and Finance
Anthony Vidmar VP, University Advancement and Public Affairs
Fred Dietz VP, Enrollment Management

Compliance and Ethics Coordinating Committee

This committee is comprised of key representatives from various university departments who are subject matter experts and have day-to-day operational responsibilities in the relevant compliance area. Its primary focus is oversight of the implementation of the Compliance and Ethics Program throughout the university. The committee disseminates information about compliance updates and activities to the responsible parties and keeps others updated on changes to regulations, laws or policies.

Current Members:

Controller Chris Stovall
Associate VP Facilities Services Kyle Owen
Associate VP Student Affairs & Dean of Students Matthew Park
Associate VP Undergraduate Education & Assessment Kristen Garrison
Chief Information Security Officer Jim Hall
Chief of Police Patrick Coggins
Director, Athletics (interim) Kyle Williams
Director, Board & Government Relations Debbie Barrow
Director, Disability Support Services Debra Higginbotham
Director, Financial Aid Kathy Browning
Director, Human Resources Dawn Fisher
Director, Marketing & Public Information Julie Gaynor
Director, Payroll Kathy Rice
Director, Purchasing & Contract Management Stephen Shelley
Director, Recreational Sports/Wellness Center Angie Reay
Director, University Development Steve Shipp
Executive Assoc. Athletic Director/Director of Compliance Kurt Portmann
Medical Director, Vinson Health Center Keith Williamson
Registrar Darla Inglish

Active Sub-Committees

Electronic Accessibility Debra Higginbotham, Chair
Clery Compliance Patrick Coggins, Chair
Compliance Matrix

The following compliance matrix was created to assist the responsible parties in carrying out their duties as related to the compliance obligations of the University. The matrix is designed to further the coordination and documentation efforts of existing and ongoing compliance initiatives at both the state and federal levels.

MSU Compliance Matrix

The matrix is broken down by compliance area, the cognizant policy officer responsible for the compliance area, the compliance partner with day-to-day operational responsibilities in the compliance area, the representative issue and the applicable law(s).

The representative issues and applicable laws are intended as general guidance, not as an exclusive or definitive listing. For additional guidance refer to the appropriate state agency's website. A comprehensive list of key federal laws and regulations governing colleges and universities can be found at the Higher Education Compliance Alliance (HECA) website.

Compliance Calendars
Business Office
Disabilities Support Services
Ethics and Governance
Facilities Services
Financial Aid
Fundraising and Development
General Counsel
Governance Compliance
Human Resources
Information Security
Internal Audit
Marketing & Public Information
Purchasing and Contract Management
Residence Life & Housing
Office of Summer Camps and Conferences
University Police
Vinson Health Center