MSU Policy 2.24 (Approval and Execution of University Contracts) establishes the authority for the University to approve and execute contracts.   The policy applies to any type of contract that binds the University and/or obligates the University to provide payment, services, goods, or use of University property, facilities or other resources, including any amendment, alteration, change, change order, correction, extension, modification, or renewal of a signed contract.

In accordance with MSU Policy 2.24 and Section 2261.256 of the Texas Government Code, the University’s Office of the General Counsel has published (and regularly updates) the MSU Contract Management Handbook that establishes consistent contracting policies and practices and contract review procedures to be followed by the University.  The handbook includes a checklist of advance contract review procedures that must be completed before contract execution, including a properly executed contract routing sheet to ensure compliance with state law and University policy concerning approval and signature authority.  In addition, provisions are included in the handbook for monitoring University contracts to ensure proper performance and, when applicable, completion of a vendor/contractor/vendor performance report.  

No person has the authority to bind the University contractually except in accordance with MSU Policy 2.24 and the MSU Contract Management Handbook.  An individual who signs a contract without having the legal authority to do so may be individually responsible for fulfilling the obligations required by the contract.

Please contact the contract management coordinator in the University’s Purchasing/Contract Management Office - Tracy Nichols, extension 4277 - for assistance with processing University contracts.