VALORANT is the latest juggernaut within the FPS genre that many tout as the spiritual successor to esports mainstays like CSGO. Teams will alternate in attempting to plant and detonate a charge or prevent the other team from doing so. Through leveraging your character's unique kit of grenades, energy weapons, or sentry turrets, you'll be able to carry your team to victory.

MSU Texas has an Varsity VALORANT team.

Varsity players receive scholarships, paid professional coaching, free personalized jersey, and paid entrance into competitive collegiate leagues with scholarship rewards for high placements.


The tryout format will be two days of online tryouts hosted via our Esports & Gaming Discord Server

Players can expect to be shuffled into randomized arrangements of players to assess agent/role competencies and team fit. Players needing to utilize the Alienware PCs within the Esports & Gaming lounge to complete tryouts are welcome to do so and advised to bring their own peripherals for optimum comfort and performance (though we have peripherals there for you to use if you prefer ours).

This will be an Varsity supported team competing in the Open Premier division of the NACE Starleague Spring 2024 Split.

Tryout Schedule

VALORANT tryout schedule
Day Date Time
One Thursday, January 18 5 PM to 8 PM
Two Friday, January 19 6 PM to 9 PM


 If interested in trying out for this title, please complete this application for tryouts.