What is the VC2MSU Program?

VC2MSU is an “invitation only” program offered through a partnership between MSU and Vernon College. The program allows students who would not previously meet MSU Texas admission requirements to be provisionally admitted to MSU while taking the majority of their classes at Vernon College at the Century City Campus in Wichita Falls. While taking classes at Vernon and MSU, students will live on the MSU campus and enjoy all of the benefits of an MSU student.

How does the VC2MSU Program work?

Students who meet the criteria are offered the program via letter and must agree to the program requirements. Once in the program, students must follow the guidance of their academic advisor that is assigned to them through the VC2MSU program. Once students complete a minimum of 18 credit hours with a 2.0 minimum GPA, they will begin to take all of their classes at MSU until graduation.

What is the enrollment policy for the VC2MSU program?

Each fall and spring semester, VC2MSU students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours.  Three of the 12 hours are to be taken at MSU while the remainder will be at Vernon. All courses must be approved by your MSU and Vernon academic advisors, and all courses must be face-to-face and not online.  A VC2MSU student who drops or withdraws from the MSU Texas course will be withdrawn from MSU Texas for the semester and will forfeit all MSU student privileges for the remainder of the term. The student must then reapply to MSU meeting the standard transfer requirements for future MSU admission.

Students who must meet TSI requirements at the point of admission to the VC2MSU program will be provided additional time to complete the program.  All other students must complete the program within one academic year.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live on the MSU campus to participate in this program?

While we strongly recommend living on the MSU campus for this program, the same rules apply for VC2MSU as for any other freshman student. If you live within 60 miles of campus and plan to commute from home, you do not have to live on campus. If you live more than 60 miles from campus, you will be required to live on campus as an MSU freshman. If you live more than 60 miles from MSU but want to commute, you will have to appeal to the MSU Office of Residence Life and Housing at housing@msutexas.edu.

How much will my tuition be and how will I pay my tuition?

Your tuition will depend on the number of classes you take. The tuition rates offered by Vernon College will apply to the courses taken at Vernon and MSU tuition rates will apply to the courses taken at MSU. As a result, you will have two tuition bills for which you will be responsible.

How do I apply for financial aid for the VC2MSU program?

You will file your FAFSA through MSU in order to receive federal aid for the VC2MSU program. Questions about this process can be directed to the MSU Financial Aid Office at financial-aid@msutexas.edu.

What happens if my tuition is due at Vernon before I get my FAFSA refund at MSU?

Due to the agreement between MSU and Vernon, all VC2MSU students are on a Do Not Void list so you will be able to receive your refund at MSU then pay your Vernon tuition without any repercussions. If you do not receive a refund from MSU then you will be responsible for paying your Vernon tuition out of pocket.

Since I will be taking classes at Vernon in the VC2MSU program, do I need to apply to Vernon as well as MSU?

No, you will not need to apply to Vernon in addition to MSU if you have been offered the VC2MSU program since it is a partnership program between the two institutions.

How will I know which classes to take in the VC2MSU program?

Once you have returned the agreement to MSU, Vernon College will be notified and you will be assigned an academic advisor at Vernon College AND at MSU that will work together to coordinate your coursework. They will be notified of your participation in the program and will reach out to you.

Do I participate in New Student Orientation at either college?

Yes, you will participate in New Student Orientation at MSU during the summer and at Vernon College at the beginning of the fall term. The New Student Orientation dates will be available in mid-April at MSU and will be posted on the MSU Orientation webpage at https://msutexas.edu/orientation. Your advisor at Vernon College will reach out to you about the Vernon College orientation.

Can my dual credit coursework that I have earned be used toward the 18 transferable hours needed to transfer to MSU in the VC2MSU program?

Yes, if you have some dual credit hours, they can be used towards the total 18 hour threshold needed to fully transfer to MSU through the VC2MSU program.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the VC2MSU program, please contact the MSU Admissions Office at admissions@msutexas.edu.