March 2021 Meeting Summary

Task Force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

The task force met March 10, 2021. Members of the committee in attendance virtually, were: 

  • Martin Camacho
  • Cammie Dean
  • Delores Jackson
  • Jamilah Kangudja
  • Marcos Lopez
  • Oku Okeke
  • Mario Ramirez
  • Judy Salazar
  • Mendelson Seaman
  • Tiffany Stewart
  • Diann Taylor

 Ex Officio Members 

  • Suzanne Shipley
  • Keith Lamb


Proposed DEI Strategic Plan. Task force members reviewed, amended and approved the set of recommendations compiled by the DEI Action Plan Subcommittee, coordinated by Dr. Martin Camacho.

Primary elements of the plan include the following.

  • Background information about the task force and its charge
  • DEI Statement and Values
  • Five key areas of focus that would demonstrate our commitment and effectiveness in alignment the DEI statement and values.
  • Containing an action-oriented directive for implementation each of the presented outcomes.
  • Strategic Actions/Initiatives. The initial steps of implementation for a campus-wide effort to make progress in DEI over the next 3-4 years.

Next Steps. After final amendments, identified by task force consensus, the coordinators plan to solicit feedback from the following stakeholders across campus.

  • Academic Affairs Leadership Council
  • Academic Council
  • Administrative Council
  • Budget Oversight Committee
  • Core Curriculum Committee
  • Dean’s Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • General Counsel
  • Human Resources
  • Institutional Research
  • MOSAIC - and for other student organizations
  • SGA Presentation
  • Staff Senate
  • Student Affairs Council
  • Tenure and Promotion Committee

DEI Strategic Plan: Approval Timeline

  • Week of Feb 15 - Sub-committee chairs meet to revise draft proposal
  • Week of Feb 22 - Plan to be shared with consultant, President and cabinet for feedback
  • Week of March 1 - Sub-committee Chairs review changes from President and Consultant
  • Week of March 8  - Committee meets, comments, and provides final feedback to draft proposal
  • March 8 – April 12 - Plan is shared with the different governance bodies, organizations mentioned in the plan, and groups of interest. Chairs of subcommittees arrange meetings with these groups for feedback, questions and consultations.
  • Week of April 12 - Committee meets for revisions and discussion after feedback from shared governance bodies
  • April 19  - Plan submitted for May BOR
  • May 6  - Board of Regents Presentation

The next meeting of the DEI Task Force has yet to be scheduled.