What is Women’s & Gender Studies?

MSU Texas offers a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST).  This is an interdisciplinary minor that allows students to expand their understanding and redefine the concepts of gender and gender identities in various social, cultural, and political contexts.

What Kind of Courses are Offered in Women’s and Gender Studies?

All students minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies are required to take WGST 2503: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.

It’s the only required course in the minor and it is also an option in the Core Curriculum under Cultural and Global Understanding.

After that, students should take 5 gender-focused classes. At least 4 those classes must be 3000/4000-level courses. Here are a few of the regularly offered courses:

PHIL 2223: Feminist Philosophy

POLS 4543: Feminist Political Theory

PSYC 3203: Human Sexuality

SOCL 4233: Gender in Society

SOCL 4633: The Sociology of Family Violence

THEA 1113: Women and Theatre

Many programs offer special topics courses that are gender-focused and will focus on gender, such as English, Political Science, and Humanities. Check with your advisor for what courses are offered each semester.

What Can I Do with a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies?

The great thing about an interdisciplinary minor is that it allows you to explore gender from the perspective of multiple fields of study. The Women’s and Gender Studies minor allows students to take courses in English Literature, Political Science, Theatre, Sociology, Philosophy, and History to see how aspects of gender are studied in all of these fields.

The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is a great addition to any major. Students who plan to enter a career working with diverse populations in healthcare, social work, politics, museums, federal agencies, or education can add to the skillsets with this minor.

Some of the fields Women’s and Gender Studies minors pursue:

Law School

Pharmacy School

Medical School

Healthcare Administration


Public Administration


Non-profit Organizations


If you would like to pursue a minor in WGST, please contact your advisor first.  Both your academic advisor and WGST advisor will work with you and help you to declare your new minor.

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