Internships for Political Science

The Department of Political Science encourages our majors to pursue and participate in an internship during their academic studies here at MSU Texas.  Students may earn credit for participating in approved internship opportunities during the fall, spring, or summer sessions. Internships offer students the professional opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge in a real-world environment.  They help students make potential job contacts through networking and help in determining potential career paths for the future. 


If you would like to pursue an internship in political science, please contact your advisor first.  Both your academic advisor and the Political Science and Global Studies Internship Coordinator will work with you and help you apply for this opportunity.


You can do an internship here in Wichita Falls, in another city, or another country.

Most internships are unpaid, but they offer an incredible opportunity. Through an internship, you can also earn course credit towards Political Science, Global Studies, or Women’s and Gender Studies.


Here are some examples of the types of internships that students pursue.


Internship Examples


Public Sector

Private Sector

Political Parties and Campaigns

NGOs and Non-Profits

US Senator/Member of Congress

Law Firms

Political Campaign

Civil Rights Organization

US Department of State

International Trade Consulting Firm

Texas Republican Party

Human Rights Organization

US Census Bureau

Political Consulting Firm

Texas Democratic Party

Amnesty International

Government Accountability Office

Public Relations Firm

Republican National Committee

Human Rights Watch

Congressional Budget Office


Democratic National Committee

Women’s Rights Organization

Wichita Falls City Government


Wichita County Democrats

LGBTQ Rights Organization

District Attorney’s Office


Wichita County Republicans



There are several opportunities for internships right here in Wichita Falls

Internship Opportunities in Wichita Falls.


For more information, please contact the Political Science and Global Studies Internship Coordinator, Dr. Jeremy Duff