What is Political Science?

As a political science major, you will acquire both a strong understanding of the impact of past political events on contemporary society and also a contextual understanding of the challenges and promises of the future in the US and around the world.

Students in Political Science take courses in American politics, international relations, comparative politics, public law, public administration, and political theory.


These courses help prepare students for careers in politics, law, business, the military intelligence, education, international consulting, journalism, government, and a variety of other areas which demand professionals with a broad-based liberal arts degree.

The degree plan is interdisciplinary, whereby students can customize their course curriculum according to their interests and career goals.


Credit is offered for internships in government offices, law firms, or non-profits, as well as by doing research projects in areas of special interest.  Through these opportunities, Political Science graduates have a variety of options after graduation and have developed the ability to succeed in a constantly changing world.

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