Political Science

Mission Statement

The mission of the political science department is to foster student political awareness of local, state, regional, national, and international political processes through its core curriculum courses in American and Texas government; as well as its major, minor, and graduate program curriculum. In support of the university's larger liberal arts mission, the department is committed to high quality instruction, innovative research, and quality service intended to create a learning environment that will broaden students' political understanding of their place in the global community. The department offers a diverse curriculum that includes a variety of methods of study, topical foci, and instructional approaches designed to develop students' descriptive, critical, and analytical thinking skills. Through classroom instruction, active learning, study abroad and both national and state service learning programs, the department seeks to create students with both a strong understanding of the impact of past political events on contemporary society and also a contextual understanding of the challenges and promises of the future.

Political science is a dynamic, exciting, and fulfilling career field. Midwestern State University graduates completing degrees in political science have gone on to distinguished careers in politics, law, business, the military, education, journalism, government, and a variety of other areas which demand professionals with a broad based liberal arts degree.

Students majoring in political science have a wide variety of courses to choose from in such areas as American politics, international relations, comparative politics, public administration, and political theory. The department also offers a minor in political science.  For more information of the requirements for a political science minor see the Bachelor of Arts in political science requirements page.

Political science faculty are involved in international, national, state and local political affairs and utilize their experiences in the classroom. Students are encouraged to become active in politics and often work alongside faculty members in their professional and community activities.

Many students join organizations such as the College Republicans, the University Democrats and the Pre-Law Society where they meet officials from all levels of government. Contacts made in these activities are often important in careers after graduation.

Students can earn credit by serving as interns in government offices and by doing research projects in areas of special interest. Political science students have experienced great success serving as interns in the offices of U.S. Congressmen and state and local officials. Individual research projects are arranged by a student and a faculty member with expertise in a certain field.

Political science faculty take great pride in the individual attention given to each student. Each student's degree program is individually developed to insure maximum achievement. Care is taken to help students with employment after graduation and in going on to graduate school or law school.

A degree in political science opens up a variety of options after graduation and students are trained to work to their maximum potential and to develop the ability to succeed in a constantly changing world.

Numerous scholarships and loans are offered through the Office of Student Financial Aid. Additional scholarships are available through the Department of Political Science.