MSRS students preparing for careers in imaging and radiologic sciences administration and education will complete an evidence-based project (EBP) that uniquely focuses on their special interests and career goals. Projects can be completed in a variety of health care and educational settings.

Students are encouraged to work within their current institutions; however, if students wish to choose an external site, they must contact MSRS faculty for guidance, as there are a few extra steps to be accomplished prior to searching for an external site. 

Portfolio Development Instructions

The EBP experience is designed to allow students to address a problem or opportunity by successfully completing pre-established objectives. Following completion of the project, each student is expected to submit a portfolio that reflects the outcomes of the experience. The portfolio should demonstrate completion of established objectives along with evidence of other activities in which the students were involved. All materials should be submitted electronically.

All students must:

  • Generate and gain approval by the MSU faculty a list of behaviorally stated objectives for completion during the project;
  • Fulfill all course responsibilities and objectives as outlined in the course syllabus;
  • Provide support to the site preceptor during the actual visit;
  • Provide evidence of successful completion of objectives in the form of a portfolio that provides evidence of objective

Please see the Evidence Based Project Guidelines