After completing all course work, administration and education majors are required to take a written comprehensive final examination. The examination is closed book and comprised of both objective and subjective questions from the four core courses (RADS 5013, 5023, 5033, and 5003) and the two required track courses (RADS 5103 and 5124 OR RADS 5223 and 5204). The examination is three hours in length.

Since the comprehensive final examination is accessed via the course management system (Desire2Learn), the examination must be scheduled during the semester. The examination cannot be scheduled during semester breaks.

ProctorU will proctor the comprehensive final examination. Please visit ProctorU’s website to learn more about the technical requirements and identification procedures. ProctorU may charge proctoring fees for the service.

Once an account is created with ProctorU, search for Midwestern State University’s MSRS Comprehensive Final Examination and schedule an appointment. ProctorU will notify the Graduate Coordinator of the scheduled examination date and time. Once this information is received, the Graduate Coordinator will send a follow-up e-mail with specific instructions.

The results will be reported as a Pass or Not Pass by e-mail. If a Not Pass is reported, the examination can be taken again the following semester. MSRS majors are allowed to repeat the examination twice before remedial course work is required.

RA Majors

A separate comprehensive final examination is required for RA majors. Contact the RA Clinical Coordinator for more information. Additionally, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) offers a national certification examination for RAs. Successful completion of the ARRT examination qualifies the imaging sciences professionals to use the R.R.A. credential.