The MHA program is a 45-credit program which requires students to take some courses in a specific sequence.  Although students are encouraged to start in the fall semester, exceptions are made for those who want to start in the spring or summer semesters.  MHA part-time slots also are available, but students are responsible for assuring that they complete the courses in an appropriate sequence. 


Core Courses: All Health Services Administration students must complete the 33 credits specified below.


HSAD 5013

Health Services Administration Foundations*

HSAD 5113

Health Care Financial Management

HSAD 5103

Health Care Organization Behavior & Management Theories*

HSAD 5293

Managerial Epidemiology and Biostatistics

HSAD 5253

Health Services Research

HSAD 5143

Health Care and Personnel Law

HSAD 5203

Health Care Marketing and Microeconomics

HSAD 5223

Health Informatics

HSAD 5133

Health Systems Engineering and Quantitative Methods

HSAD 5213

Capstone: Health Services Operational and Strategic Management

HSAD 6063

Grad. Sem in Advanced Research 3 hours**

* Must be taken during the first full academic semester in program

**Taken only one time after completing at least 30 credit hours AND HSAD 5253


In addition to the courses noted above,   12 credits of elective courses  are to be defined by the student and the advisor, based on the student’s desired career goals.



Students must successfully complete all required courses with a grade of B or better To graduate, all students must successfully complete all course work in a manner consistent with the guidelines for that course (Contact the Program Coordinator for more information). In addition, all MHA students must complete and successfully pass a written comprehensive examination in the semester in which they intend to graduate. A student who fails the comprehensive examination may be allowed one retake of the exam. The student will be notified by the Program Coordinator and/or the student’s advisor if a retake is permitted. This retake cannot be completed until the next semester and will be comprised of new questions. If a student fails the retake of the examination, his/her degree candidacy will be terminated.


Note:   These requirements are specific to MHA students.  Students who are in other program areas and taking MHA courses should refer to the program requirements for the program for which they have been admitted.



Admission to Candidacy occurs when the student completes all required courses with a grade of B or better.