Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration                                           

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree, but who are not enrolled in the MHA program, may elect to complete the Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration offered by the department.  Certificate students must earn a grade of B or better in each course to qualify for the graduate certificate.  The course requirements for this certificate are listed below.  

Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration - 18 semester hours:

HSAD 5013

Health Services Administration Foundations*

3 sch.

HSAD 5103

Health Care Org Behavior & Management Theories*

3 sch.

HSAD 5113

Health Care Financial Management

3 sch.

HSAD 5123

Health Care Personnel

3 sch.

HSAD 5133

Health Systems Analysis

3 sch.

HSAD 5143

Health Care and Personnel Law

3 sch.

HSAD 5153

Managed Care Organizational Structure in the 21st Century

3 sch.

If interested in the Graduate Certificate, please download and complete this form (MSWord) and email it to the department secretary.  Also, these additional items are required before you may register for classes: the application, post-baccalaureate statement, and official transcripts of all higher education institutions are required for admission.