Vision: To be a high value provider of health services administration education at the regional, state, national, and international levels to all types of clinical and non-clinical individuals.     


Mission: The mission of the Master of Health Administration program is to effectively prepare students to operate in leadership roles in the complex and changing environment of health services administration.  We strive to provide students with a cross-section of knowledge, skills, and abilities that prepare them to meet the health services administration needs of the larger community, as well as to assist them in accomplishing their career goals.  Through ongoing faculty research and development, we aim to incorporate current theory and practice to provide an educational experience that effectively prepares students with diverse backgrounds and experiences to take on administrative roles within the health services delivery system.


Program Goal:  Prepare students with the essential competencies to work in mid-level administrative positions at larger health services organizations or upper level positions in smaller health services organizations. 


Program Objectives:  (1) Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to apply within a range of health services organizations; (2) Develop leadership and human resource management skills to respond effectively in diverse health services settings; (3) Apply core tools in the financial management of health services to support organizational success; (4)  Apply quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to enable effective organizational decision-making and problem solving; (5) Understand and apply health care ethics to issues that arise in the changing health services environment; (6) Analyze and synthesize information for effective market-related and strategic decision-making and planning; and (7) Be knowledgeable about the regulatory and legal environment in which health services operate.