Honors students regularly utilize the lounge to socialize
Get on the Bus event to a Texas Rangers game
Honors student using the Honors LLP Lounge

Location:  Yellow Wing, 4th Floor, Legacy Hall

Residents:  34 total (including Resident Assistant)

Rooms:  15 semi-private & 4 private

LLP Perks:

  • $300 discount off cost of university housing each fall and spring (exclusive to honors residents)
  • Opportunity to join our coed community of committed and talented honors students, who will support and elevate each other to greater academic success
  • Opportunity to join our Housing Subcommittee as part of the Honors Program Student Council (HPSC), our affiliated student organization on campus
  • Opportunity to cultivate our honors community garden located within the pool enclosure of the Bruce & Graciela Redwine Student Wellness Center
  • Access to exclusive programming
  • Deeper engagement with campus life, faculty, and university resources

You can visit the Living-Learning Program webpage for more information about MSU Texas LLPs. For more information about room amenities and features, please visit the Legacy Hall webpage.

To apply for housing on the Honors LLP, please visit the following Residence Life & Housing webpage.