Committee garden work day. Community garden is maintained by the Social subcommittee HPSC flier for Honors Program Blood Drive. Flier was created by the advertising subcommittee  Delivering Redwine Honors Program donation to Hospice of Wichita Falls

The Honors Program Student Council (HPSC) advises the Provost and Honors staff on student perspectives of issues affecting them as Honors Program students, fosters a sense of community among Honors Program students by providing social and service opportunities, and serves as a forum for students to openly discuss and initiate improvements to the Honors Program for their own personal growth as well as for the future of the program.

Honors Program Student Council Subcommittee System: As part of the Honors Program Student Council (HPSC), Subcommittee System serves as an organizing structure to assist the Redwine Honors Program staff with shaping the honors student experience throughout the fall and spring semesters. This system consists of five honors subcommittees: Social, Serveice, Housing, Fundraising, and Advertising. 

Descriptions of each subcommittee are as follows:

Social: Subcommittee in charge of organizing, planning, and executing social events for the program, including participation in MSU Homecoming festivities and Honors Program signature events.

Service: Subcommittee in charge of organizing, planning, and executing community service events both on campus and in the surrounding Wichita Falls community.

Housing: Subcommittee in charge of organizing, planning, and executing honors events that occur on the Honors LLP floor in Legacy Hall; this includes collaborating with other subcommittees either to host social, service, or homecoming events on the floor or to enlist the participation of honors residents in those events.

Fundraising: Subcommittee in charge of brainstorming, planning, and executing fundraising initiatives, as well as responsible for applying for funding from existing university channels.

Advertising: Subcommittee in charge of creating and posting event flyers in the Honors Student Lounge, on the Honors LLP floor in Legacy Hall, and across campus, as well as advertising for all of the events on multiple social media platforms.

Each of these HPSC subcommittees is chaired by one or more HPSC officers, i.e., the elected leaders of the student organization, and/or the Resident Assistant of the Honors Living-Learning Community in Legacy Hall. Each subcommittee chair will lead his or her student members in working together to brainstorm, develop, coordinate,and execute events in tandem with the Redwine Honors Program staff. All honors students are encouraged to participate in the HPSC Subcommittee System throughout their time in the program.

First semester honors students have the privilege of joining one of the five HPSC subcommittees during their first term in the program, at which time these students will receive an introduction to campus life and to the MSU honors community, leadership opportunities, and a personal stake in honors programming events and goals. First semester honors students must successfully complete one semester in an HPSC subcommittee; subsequent involvement in the HPSC Subcommittee System is voluntary.

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