The Redwine Honors Program at Midwestern State University is designed to bring out the best in academically talented students and to serve as a core of academic excellence within the university community. Through an enriched liberal arts core curriculum and upper-level interdisciplinary courses, the program strives to achieve three goals:

  • Provide an academically and personally challenging home for gifted students where they can become part of a mutually challenging and supportive community of scholars.
  • Nurture these high achievers so that they can contribute to the intellectual experience of the entire university community.
  • Provide a special academic place where new ideas, faculty innovation, activities, and cultural events may be explored in a small, controlled setting which serves as a laboratory for the entire university. 

The Redwine Honors Program enhances the overall academic quality at the university by recruiting and retaining highly qualified students and developing them into productive citizens and loyal alumni. This program is available to students in all majors at Midwestern State University.

Regardless of your stage in your college education there is an Honors program track for you. this ranges from the traditional high school graduate that is entering college for the first time to the nontraditional student that has attended multiple different colleges. To learn more about the different tracks in the Honors program click here.


Redwine Honors students were awarded the 2019 Hardin and Clark Scholar awards. Redwine Honors students during a field trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo Redwine honors students at the Whiteside natural history museum