Co-Curricular Activities Requirement

As stated in the Honors Student Handbook, “[h]onors students are required to attend a modest number of co-curricular [activities] each semester. Students … track activities based on a point system, meaning students may choose which events they attend to meet the points requirements, with no more than three events [reported] in any given category. At least 25 points per semester need to be acquired. Points do roll over if students accumulate more than the minimum requirements” (6).

Honors students can report activity points in each of the following five (5) categories: Athletic, Fine Art, Honors, Lecture, and Multicultural. In addition to earning a minimum of 25 activity points in these categories, honors students must attend at least one RED Talk, one HPSC general meeting, and one honors sanctioned service event each fall and spring semester.

“All honors students should report participation in these co-curricular events on the Activity Form available [below]. This [completed] form is due on the last day of classes [i.e., the Friday before finals week] each semester. Failure to meet these requirements in any semester or to report them in a timely fashion may result in loss of [good standing in the program and] scholarship support for the following semester” (7).

Note: Senior honors students in good standing with the program and with a history of successfully completing the co-curricular activities requirement are exempt from submitting an Activity Form in their graduating semester.

Conference/Field Trip Requirement

All honors students must attend at least two (2) conferences or field trips before they graduate in order to complete the honors program curriculum; students may alternatively present at a conference to fulfill this expectation.

Conference or field trip attendance should be reported on the student’s Activity Form. A “Conference/Field Trip Attendance Form” must also be submitted to Honors Staff with appropriate documentation (see the “Conference/Field Trip Attendance Form” for more details).

Please refer to the “Activity Form F.A.Q.” for any questions or concerns you may have regarding the honors co-curricular activity and conference/field trip requirements. If this resource fails to address your concern(s), please contact Honors Staff at (940) 397-4534 or We’ll be happy to assist you.