Admission to Clinical Teaching

Clinical teaching is the capstone experience that is completed during the last academic semester before graduation. 

Clinical Teaching Application Due Dates

  • September 1st to October 1st for the following spring semester placements 
  • February 1st to March 1 for the following fall semester placements.
  • Use TK20 to complete an application. 

 Requirements for Admission to Clinical Teaching

  • 2.75 overall GPA; 
  • 3.0 GPA in content specific coursework; 
  • 3.0 GPA in professional education coursework;
  • Completion of Thirty-six (36) hours of field experiences
  • Completion of all required content, including major, minor and professional education courses with grades of C or higher;
  • Complete Certification Exam Testing Requirements;
  • MSU Texas Writing Proficiency requirements;
  • Criminal background check; and
  • Some districts may require fingerprinting before clinical teaching placements can begin.

Fall applications may not be approved until August if the student has summer courses to complete. A grade of “D” in a course required for certification cannot be used in a student's teaching field, major, minor or professional education courses.  


Clinical teaching placements depend on district availability and needs. Candidates will not be allowed to take additional coursework during their semester of clinical teaching. Clinical teaching will be full days for one long semester (fall or spring) - at least 7 hours per day for 70 days.

Completion of Clinical Teaching

Calendar of Events

Assessments of knowledge, skills and dispositions will continue in didactic and field courses, using rubrics, scores and grades as appropriate. Instructors in pedagogical courses will certify if you have achieved the standards and sub-standards assigned to your courses. The director of Clinical Teaching will verify that you have completed clinical teaching requirements and have met the standards and sub-standards required for the program.