CAEP Accreditation

The Midwestern State University, West College of Education (WCOE) Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  The continuing accreditation visit for Midwestern State University's West College of Education is scheduled for Spring 2018.  The accreditation visit will be conducted under the new Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP) standards that were adopted in 2013. 

The EPP offers initial programs (undergraduate and post-baccalaureate) and advanced programs (graduate) aligned to national and state standards. The programs are dedicated to the instruction and preparation of PreK-16 teachers, counselors, administrators, and support faculty and staff. Through collaborative instruction, field experience, and research, candidates develop a strong instructional foundation. As candidates progress through the program and accomplish each transition milestone, they are equipped through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions. This preparation ensures the candidate has the ability to plan, implement, assess, and modify instruction for diverse learners.

National, state, and institutional standards help define the knowledge and skills expected of candidates and course outcomes align with all standards (Cochran-Smith & Zeichner, 2005; Darling-Hammond & Bransford, 2005). The common syllabi format, adopted by the WCOE Assessment Committee, aligns candidate proficiencies, national and state professional standards, diversity and disposition proficiencies, and the WCOE Conceptual Framework with the curriculum. A Unit Assessment System provides an integrated method of aligning the Specialized Program Association (SPA) standards into the program-specific assessments and evaluating the candidate at prescribed transition points throughout the program.