Dr. Michael Mills

Michael Mills, Ed.D.

Originally from Wichita Falls, TX, Dr. Mills was the first in his family to go to college.  Having earned a doctorate, he is passionate about helping others achieve their educational goals and finding success, happiness, and prosperity in all areas of their lives.  His drive, dedication, and friendly personality make him an exceptionally engaging teacher.  Many students state that his class was why they chose to major in business as he shows them how relevant all areas of business are to each of us.  Dr. Michael Mills feels that the best part of teaching can show students that business touches almost every aspect of our lives.

Something you might not know is that he is in the MSU Texas Athletic Hall of Honor for tennis.  When not working to further the success of MSU’s international students (he is the Director of MSU’s Global Education Department) or recruiting international students, Dr. Mills likes to spend time with his family and play golf.  His philosophy is, “we only get one shot at this life, so we should definitely make the most of it.”

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