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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

msu bowl


The Rising Sophomore Summit is an essential gathering for students featuring information and opportunities about your MAJOR, your FUTURE, and YOURSELF. The Summit is exclusively designed for students who are currently completing their first year of college, or are relatively new to their second year.

Goals of the Summit include:

  • Celebrate/Recognize students for nearing or recently completing their first year at MSU Texas

  • Strengthen connections between students and their academic college or program of study

  • Introduce students to signature experiences at MSU

  • Help students understand/navigate available campus resources

  • Help students establish/refine their educational and life purpose and chart a course for the second year of study at MSU




For more information about the Summit, please contact either of the offices below

Dean of Students
CSC 108
In addition to the networking and knowledge gained from the Summit, attendees receive a free exclusive MSU soup and cereal bowl.