The Student Emergency Fund at MSU Texas provides limited financial assistance to currently enrolled students experiencing a financial hardship due to an emergency.

An emergency is defined as a recent unexpected and/or unforeseen expense, event, or circumstance that could cause a loss of momentum toward student success. Funding is considered for emergencies occurring within the past 30 days.

Funds are awarded directly to a receiving student. Fund amounts range from $25 to $500 per student and are typically only awarded once per academic year. Other possible financial resources must have been considered and deemed insufficient or not available in a timely manner to cover the essential expense(s). Funds are not considered income and do not requirement payment. Funds may be considered income and therefore subject to federal taxes, for which the accepting individual is responsible.

Examples of unexpected and/or unforeseen expenses, events, or circumstances that may be considered for emergency funding include:

  • Housing (e.g. rent or emergency shelter)
  • Food and/or water (e.g. groceries)
  • Prescriptions, health, and/or urgent medical expenses
  • Utilities (e.g. electricity, natural gas, water/sewer)
  • Transportation-related expnses (e.g. tire repair, insurance deducitble from accident)
  • School-related expenses (e.g. textbooks, school supplies, mandatory test proctoring fees)
  • Safety-related needs (e.g. lock change on vehicle or home)
  • Replacement of essential items due to accident, fire, natural disaster, or theft (e.g. eye glasses, clothing, etc.)

Examples of expenses not covered may include, but are not limited to:

  • University tuition and/or fees
  • Insurance
  • Parking tickets or other fines
  • Automobile payments
  • Non-essential ulititles (e.g. cable, Internet, cell phone)
  • School applications or testing fees
  • Costs for entertainment, recreation, or non-emergency travel
  • Medical expenses or support for a student's family member or friend


To apply for funds, click on the "Complete the Student Emergency Fund Application" button on this webpage. The application is a secure online form through MustangsLink, which requires a student to log in using their myMSUTexas portal credentials.

A student will receive notice of their application being approved or denied through MustangsLink.

Complete the Student Emergency Fund Application