Student Emergency Fund

The application for the Student Emergency Fund is currently closed as fund are being readied in preparations for helping support MSU students this fall who are experiencing a financial hardship or exceptional need as  result of an emergency. The application is anticipated to reopen at the start of the Fall 2021 semester. Thank you!
Spring 2021 Student Emergency Fund Dashboard
# Applications 546
# Students Approved for Funding 87
Total Emergency Funds Distributed $21,129


About the Student Emergency Fund 

Created in 2020 and initially funded through the generosity of the extended Mustangs community, the Student Emergency Fund at MSU Texas provides limited financial assistance to currently enrolled students experiencing a financial hardship due to an emergency. In Fall 2021, the source of funding for the Student Emergency Fund shifted to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), which increased the amount of financial assistance available. 

An emergency is defined as a recent unexpected and/or unforeseen expense, event, or circumstance generally occurring sometime within the past month. A resulting exceptional need or financial hardship from the emergency, if unaddressed, would negatively impact the student's ability to succeed at Midwestern State University. 

Funds are awarded directly to a receiving student. Fund amounts range depending on the nature and severity of the emergency situation or exceptional need. Funds are only awarded once per academic semester. Decisions regarding the approval and disbursement of funds are made on a case-by-case basis by a University committee. Other possible financial resources available to the student must have been considered and deemed insufficient and/or not available in a timely manner to cover the essential expense(s) resulting from the emergency. Funds are not considered loans and do not require repayment. Funds may be considered income and therefore subject to federal taxes, for which the accepting individual is responsible.

Examples of essential expenses resulting from an emergency that may be considered for funding include:

  • Housing (e.g. rent or emergency shelter)
  • Food and/or water (e.g. groceries)
  • Prescriptions and/or medical expenses
  • Utilities (e.g. electricity, natural gas, water/sewer)
  • Transportation-related expenses (e.g. tire repair, insurance deductible from accident)
  • School-related expenses (e.g. textbooks, school supplies, mandatory test proctoring fees)
  • Safety-related needs (e.g. lock change on vehicle or home)
  • Replacement of essential items due to fire, natural disaster, or theft (e.g. eye glasses, clothing, etc.)

Examples of expenses not covered may include, but are not limited to:

  • University tuition and/or fees
  • Parking tickets or other fines
  • Automobile payments or insurance premiums
  • Health insurance
  • Non-essential utilities (e.g. cable, Internet, phone)
  • Application or placement testing fees
  • Household costs not related to damage or theft
  • Costs for entertainment, recreation, or non-emergency travel
  • Expenses, medical or other, necessary for a family member or friend
Eligibility Requirements

Students seeking financial assistance through the Student EMergency Fund must be currently enrolled at MSU Texas at the time of application and have experienced a financial hardship resulting from an emergency that has to be taken care of right away. Applicants are expected to provide documentation of the emergency and existence of the essential expense(s) for which funds are being requested at the time of application. A student who has a past due balance with MSU Texas are eligible to apply for funds.


MSU Texas students with a financial hardship or exceptional need resulting from an emergency may apply for financial assistance. To apply for funds, please click on the “Complete the Student Emergency Fund Application” button on this webpage. The application is a secure online form through Mustangs Link, which requires a student to log in using their my.MSUTEXAS student credentials.

A student will receive notice of their application being approved or denied through Mustangs Link.

The Student Emergency Fund is made possible through generous donations of MSU Texas alumni, employees, parents, members of the local community, and area foundations, businesses, unions, and organizations. Thank you for your support!

American REscue Plan Act of 2021(ARPA). THe ARPA appropriated approximately $39.6 billion for the Higher Education Emergency RElief Fund (HEERF) and represents the third, and final, stream of funding appropriated for HEERF to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus. Taken together, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), the Coronavirus Response and RElief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 (CRRSAA), and the ARPA represent HEERF I, HEERF II, and HEERF III, respectively.