The Canan Food Security Program seeks to provide a reliable, nutritious source of food in the Mesquite Dining Hall or Maverick’s Corner for MSU students suffering from food insecurity. Generally speaking, one is food insecure if there are repeated instances of disrupted eating patterns or reduced food intake due to the lack of a reliable food source. The absence of nutrition and increased stress that accompany food insecurity present a significant barrier to achieving a university education. 

Student experiencing food insecurity are encouraged to submit an application through Mustangs Link. Upon receipt, the financial aid status of the applicant is verified and the applicant may be scheduled an appointment for financial aid counseling with the goal to ensure that all available non-loan financial aid is maximized. Upon completion of financial aid assessment, the university may award meals to the applicant. Awarded meals can be redeemed in the Mesquite Dining Hall or Maverick's Corner using the recipient's MSU ID card. Only one meal per meal period (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner) is available. Unused meals awarded to a student expire at the end of the semester.


Please click here to submit an application

MSU Texas and its students are fortunate for the visionary gift by Mr. and Mrs. Pat Canan that makes this program possible. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs located in the Clark Student Center #108, 940-397-7500,