As a member of the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Division, the Counseling Center takes a holistic approach to student development and wellness.  Our desire is to help students with personal issues in order that they might achieve their educational goals.  Our policies are designed to maximize the effectiveness of our services.  While this is not an exhaustive list of our policies, it will give students an overview of Counseling Center operations.       

Students are scheduled for appointments in a timely manner.  It is our policy to attempt to schedule students for an appointment within two days of their initial call or even on the day of their call if an appointment is available. 

Students are asked to refer to the Appointment, Cancellation and No-Show Policy for our specific policy. 

All services in the Counseling Center are confidential.  Periodically, therapists will consult with other Counseling Center therapists about cases.  The consulting therapist is also bound to confidentiality.  There are several exceptions to confidentiality.  It is the policy of the Counseling Center that we review these exceptions in the first therapy session. 

We encourage clients to communicate with the Counseling Center by telephone rather than through
e-mail.  It is difficult to ensure the confidentiality of e-mail communication.