• Registered mail must be completed in person at the Post Office
  • Registered mail is kept separate from all other mail
  • Must have return address and mailing address written directly on package.
  • Includes Insurance
  • All seams on envelope or package must be sealed with gummed tape, as they are date stamped by USPS for security.
  • Must be signed for each time it changes hands; remains under lock and key in route.
  • Ask for return receipt (if needed).
  • Delivery will generally be delayed due to special handling.
  • No using:
         - Self-adhesive labels
         - Tape
         - Windowed envelopes
         - Padded envelopes
         - Staples
         - Tyvek envelopes
  • All mail and parcels for delivery in a foreign country must include name of addressee, street address or box number, city, province, and country.
  • The name of the country must be written in English without abbreviation.
  • International mail must be separated from other mail.
  • Any parcel or Priority Mail must have a customs form attached to mail piece
  • Customs form from USPS
  • More Information about International Mail from USPS

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  • Stamped mail must be sealed.
  • Any piece over 10oz. must have a return address


  • 200 or more pieces required and must be domestic only
  • 2 extra samples needed
  • Required to be in zip code order (or additional charge will incur)
  • Required to have endorsement (Address Service Requested or Return Service Requested) to show mailing list updates or CASS Certification paperwork with each mailing.
  • Complete addresses include:
    • Name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
  • Non Profit Mail cannot include:
    • Personal information
    • Personal messages


MSU Post Office mails thousands of pieces of nonprofit bulk mail every year.  There are a number of requirements related to nonprofit bulk mailing.  While you are still in the planning stage include the Mail List Management in your mailing arrangements.  MSU Post Office can be of assistance to you to ensure your mailing program is cost effective, efficient and timely.  Some important aspects of mailing nonprofit bulk include the following:

  1. Permit 781 – It is very important that the proper permit # be printed on each mailing piece in the indicia copy block as well as the type of service you want (e.g., nonprofit bulk or first-class).
  2. If you have Permit 781 printed on all pieces, the permit must be obliterated on all copies handed out (not mailed).  The indicia must be covered up with an adhesive label to mail fewer than 200 copies (not a part of a bulk mailing).
  3. If you have a bulk mailing prepared by an outside printer (not MSU Print Shop), you must not use  permit indicia as only paperwork signed by MSU Post Office employees is accepted by USPS.
  4. Be certain the material you want to mail nonprofit bulk is your own material and is not being produced or cooperatively sponsored by a for profit organization.  If you mail cooperatively with for profit, you have to pay the commercial bulk rate (a higher rate).  MSU Post Office will bill your department at the commercial rate or the nonprofit rate, whichever is appropriate to the type of material being mailed.
  5. If you are planning a joint mailing with another nonprofit organization (e.g., a scholarly organization), that organization must be on file as nonprofit.
  6. All bulk mailings (nonprofit or commercial) must have a complete University address on the outside of the mailing piece in the upper left-hand corner.  The USPS verifies bulk mailings: failure to meet all standards will mean the mailing will be returned to sender for correction and valuable distribution time will be lost.
  7. You must do the initial preparation for bulk mailing before sending it to MSU Post Office.  That preparation includes:
    1. Complete MSU Post Office Work Order.
    2. Email your mail list to MSU Post Office (if necessary) to separate mail from 1st class
    3. At least 200 pieces of printed or duplicated identical material.
    4. Addresses have a 5-digit ZIP code.
    5. Folded edge of your mail piece on the bottom (open at the top)
  1. Trim edge of your mail piece (the edge opposite the fold) is tabbed or taped, NO STAPLES.
  2. Indicia in top right corner with Permit #   

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If these preparation guidelines are followed, your bulk mailing will be processed by MSU Post Office and the majority of the postage discount passed along to the department.

There is a minimum charge of $10.00 per bulk mailing.