We provide… Services for running mailing labels, addressing mail pieces, and providing USPS software documentation verifying the quality and make-up of a mailing for a charge.

MSU Post Office Verimove software provides your department with the following services:

  • Change of Address – Update list with new addresses (updated quarterly).
  • Address lookup and matching (against national ZIP code data base for correct ZIP code plus 4 add-ons, providing accurate delivery point barcodes.
  • Address list hygiene (capitalization, removal of punctuation, proper abbreviations, removal of duplicate records, upon request).

Processing Mail Lists

The processing of mail lists by MSU Post Office will automatically provide updated addresses, address lookup, and matching.  Upon request, list hygiene (removal of duplicate records and removal of duplicate addresses).

Our CASS certified software will incorporate Delivery Point Validation (DPV) and LACS (Link) as a standard process.  DPV will confirm whether or not a given address is an actual delivery stop on a carrier’s route.  If an address is valid, a full 9-digit zip code will be assigned and the address will qualify for barcoding discounts.  If the address is not valid, the address will be flagged as “non-qualifying”.  LACS (LINK) will allow mailers to identify an address that has been converted by a municipality to correspond with 911 emergency services.  For example, Rural Route & PO Box addresses will be converted to a physically locatable address.  LACS (LINK) will provide this new address update information to insure mail delivery.  Corrected address information can be furnished to the mailer upon request for a nominal fee.