Addressing Campus Mail

Use the addressee’s full name and the departmental name on all campus mail.

Manila Envelopes

The use and reuse of manila envelopes for campus mail is encouraged but not required.  Be sure when reusing manila envelopes that the previous addresses on the front and back of the envelopes are obliterated so there is no question as to whom the envelope is to be delivered.


Campus mail should be separate from USPS outgoing mail in your mail delivery/pick up box. If rubber bands are needed, contact the MSU Post Office. Already stamped mail should also be separated from mail needing stamps or postage. 

  • All stamped mail should be sealed
  • Any pieces over 13oz must have a return address

Addressing Mail

Any outgoing mail must have a University return address including the University’s name, department name, address, city, state and ZIP+4

Quality Standards

As a result of mail classification reform initiated by the USPS, there are regulations that determine how mailing addresses must/should be prepared.

1. Address must be typed or computer generated (no handwritten addresses).

2. Address must be complete with a city, state, and 5-digit ZIP code.

3. Address must be 10 to 12-point type, letters not touching, and preferably sans serif (no feet on letters).

4. Endorsement required.  "Return Service Requested" or "Address Service Requested". Ancillary endorsements must be at least 8 point type with at least 1/4 inch clear space on all sides.

5. Address should use standard USPS abbreviations. (Publication 28, Postal Addressing Standards) 

First-Class Mail Metering

MSU Post Office equipment will meter and seal envelopes in one operation.  Do not fold down the glued flap on the envelope, instead, leave the flap up.  The department must seal all envelopes with flaps on end or additional charge will be incurred.


When preparing registered, certified, and insured mail, call MSU Post Office for regulation and preparation information.  Registered mail is the most secure way to mail an item.  This is usually used to mail stocks, bonds, jewelry, high value items.  Certified mail is for mail requiring a signature at delivery.  Insured mail is for mail items requiring insurance with a signature at delivery (for items insured over $200).



The MSU Post Office is a Contract Station for the USPS and we do not send UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.  Packages using these carriers with a prepaid label may be dropped off at the MSU Post Office only if the package is properly taped and prepaid postage already affixed.