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Announcements and Updates
All public labs will remain open for the time being in order to facilitate coursework and the transition to online courses. For lab hours, see our Lab Hours tab.
Have a problem? Is something not working correctly? Contact a lab assistant, or contact the IT department via the methods below:
Feedback and Suggestions

If you have a non-time sensitive request about how the labs operate or just wish to give us some feedback about how we're doing, you may click the link below to fill out a form that will be sent to our IT staff.

Lab Suggestions and Feedback

Lab Change Request Form

IT Helpdesk
Available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Lab Manager
Rebekah Jones
Available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Information Technology staffs the public computer labs in Clark Student Center room 130, second floor of Moffett Library, 1st floor of Dillard room 146, and Legacy Hall room 102. It is our intention to make these facilities a productive environment for your academic pursuits and to provide functional modern systems to aid in the completion of academic work.

Please see the table below for current lab hours:

Lab Hours and Contact Info
Fall 2020
(Aug 24 - Dec 12)

Clark Student Center
(CS 130)
(940) 397-4897

Sat - Sun: 10 am - 8 pm

(DB 146)
(940) 397-4657

Mon - Thurs: 6 am - 7 pm
Friday: CLOSED

Moffett Library
(LI 212)
(940) 397-4751

Mon - Thurs: 8 am - 10pm
Friday: 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 10 pm - 6 pm
Sunday: 2 pm - 10 pm

Legacy Hall

(LH 102)
(940) 397-4862

Open 24 Hours

Lab Rules and Printing

Lab Rules

  • There is no food or drink allowed in the labs. Students who bring food and drink will be asked to leave.
  • Please have consideration for others in the lab who are studying by keeping the labs quiet and free of distractions. We ask that you do not act disruptive or distracting by playing loud music, having loud conversations, etc. Group projects are allowed, as long as they are not too loud and do not monopolize the equipment.
  • Personal use is allowed in the labs, but we ask that you relinquish computers to those who need to complete work if needed.
  • Please do not attempt to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment in the labs. Either contact a lab assistant, or call the helpdesk at 397-4278 (

Printing Instructions

Students are given 1000 print credits at the start of each semester, and each print you make costs 1 credit per page. Unfortunately, we are unable to refill print credits once they have been spent at this time, but if you have used all of yours and still need more prints, we offer the WEPA print stations as an alternative.

How to log in and use your print credits

When you choose to print an item on a lab computer, you will be prompted for a username and password. Your username will be your Mustangs ID number, and you will not enter a password. Scan your card at the printer to release your prints. If you accidentally send a job to the printer, make sure to cancel that job before you swipe your card, otherwise your account will be charged for it. At this time, we cannot refund bad print jobs to your account.

We have part time lab assistants available to help with printer issues, but below are a few things we ask you to keep in mind to minimize problems:

  • Please check your print settings each time you print. For best results, items should be printed black and white, double-sided.
  • PowerPoint slides should be condensed to at least four slides per page (two on the front, two on the back). For instructions on how to re-format your PowerPoint slides for printing, see this link:
    Printing PowerPoint Slides in Microsoft Office
  • Please do not print pages with primarily dark backgrounds, as the heat from the toner will cause the pages to stick to the print rollers and will damage the printer.

Having trouble printing? Check the following:

  • Are you registered in a class at the time you are trying to print? Printing can only happen within the semester in which you are enrolled. For example, if you are enrolled in a Fall class, you cannot print before the first day of the Fall semester.
  • Did you enter your credentials properly? Your username is your Mustangs ID number, and there is no password.
  • Did your card scan properly? Double-check your barcode to make sure it is in good condition. If not, go to card services at the Clark Student Center Information Desk.
  • Is there something wrong with the printer? If so, it should show some kind of error notification on the printer's display screen. Ask a Lab Assistant for help, or get contact information from our "News and Contact" tab.

WEPA Printing

MSU Wepa Printing 

In collaboration with Wepa, MSU has four print station kiosks set up around campus at the Moffett Library, Clark Student Center, Prothro-Yeager Hall, and Legacy Hall. Combined with a $5.00 print credit for use at the print kiosks, MSU hopes to improve printing options for students. 
There is a map of the locations with live status icons at Wepa print stations allow for wireless printing through a cloud printing environment. Students are able to print directly from personal devices, USB thumb drives, D2L and cloud storage.

What is Wepa?
Wepa is an acronym for "Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere." It uses cloud functionality to upload documents and send them via the web to Wepa touch-screen kiosks where students can then print their documents.

How does it work?
Students can upload documents from anywhere that internet service is available. Those documents can then be printed at any of the Wepa print stations around campus. Additionally, students can print using a USB drive at the print station.

Using the Wepa print kiosk
Wepa is tied to your MSU credentials and in most cases registration is automatic.

Paying for your printing.
You may pay for your print at the Wepa kiosk at the time of printing once your $5.00 print credit is used. You may access funds deposited, check your balance or add more funds at

Each student will receive a $5.00 print credit to use at any of the print station kiosks.
  • Black & White, Single-Sided is $0.05
  • Black and White, Two-Sided is $0.08
  • Color Single-Sided is $0.25
  • Color, Two-Sided is $0.50

Devices Supported
You can print from mobile phones, laptops, desktops, or tablets, as long as you have internet access and the proper drivers installed on your device. Drivers for PC and Mac are available on the Wepa website at

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