Information Security Office Mission

The mission of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), as required by state law, is to assure the security of the university's Information Technology resources and the existence of a safe computing environment in which the university community can teach and learn.

The CISO collaborates with campus leaders, university audit, and legal units to support the university's mission.  The CISO’s activities include:

  • Incident response, investigation, and reporting
  • Information security policy and standards development
  • Supports management with security administration, implementation and management
  • Monitors and tests for policy compliance and assurance
  • Conducts information security risk assessments
Personal Cybersecurity Tips

 Basic steps you can take to protect your identity and your devices from cyber threats:

  • Create and use long and strong passwords
  • Install anti-malware/anti-virus software on your systems
  • Keep operating systems and applications up to date and patch regularly
  • Use a screen lock or passcode feature
  • Make sure you have off-device backups of your data