Students should be aware of the following cancellation penalties: 
Cancellation Dates and Penalties
Date New Student Returning Student

(Fall) Before June 1/

(Spring) Before December 15

Full refund

(Fall) No room charges

(Spring) $500 cancellation fee - unless leaving for academic purposes

(Fall) June 1—July 31/

(Spring) December 15 - January 1

Forfeit advance payment

(Fall) $250 cancellation fee

(Spring) $500 cancellation fee

Before Move-In Day

Forfeit advance payment $500 cancellation fee

(Fall & Spring)

Move-in Day to End of 2nd week of class

25% room charges 25% room charges

(Fall & Spring)

Start of 3rd week of class

50% room charges 50% room charges

(Fall & Spring)

Start of 4th week of class

75% room charges 75% room charges

(Fall & Spring)

After 4th week of class

100% room charges 100% room charges
How to cancel your housing agreement

We understand that everyone's circumstances may change and there is a period of time you are allowed to cancel your room assignment without penalty. For those students not required to live on campus or who are leaving the University, your housing agreement may be canceled by submitting a request by completing the following steps: 

  • To cancel your housing reservation commitment and agreement, log on to your housing portal.
  • Select the semester in which you need to end your housing agreement.
    • If you are needing to leave before the end of the semester, please choose the current semester. If you are leaving at the end of the semester, please select the next semester.
  • Click on the “CANCEL” or "I am leaving MSU Housing" link to complete the cancellation. 

How to cancel your meal plan

Students who cancel their housing agreement will automatically have their meal plan canceled as well.

  • Students who cancel prior to the end of the meal plan change period will be refunded the full amount of their meal plan. 
  • If a student is leaving in the middle of the semester, the meal plan will be prorated based on the number of weeks that have already passed in the semester regardless of how much of the meal plan has been used.

Students who move from a residential hall to an on-campus apartment can contact the housing office for information about how to change their meal plan after the meal plan change period has ended. Students must do so in a timely manner after officially moving into their new living space to be considered for a change in their meal plan. 

For more information about meal plans, please see our meal plan page.