Substance Abuse Counseling (B.S.Ed.)



Bachelor of Science in Substance Abuse Counseling (B.S.)

If you have a passion and interest in helping those overcome addiction, then this degree is right for you. Our B.S. in Substance Abuse Counseling studies the root causes and contributing factors of addiction. This degree also prepares you to obtain your Chemical Dependency Licensure, which will allow you a career in the hospital setting, mental health clinics, substance abuse facilities, and private practice.  If you have completed an associate's degree and looking to transfer into this degree, your completion time could be 2-3 years.  For more information about this degree, please contact Ms. Carley Kundert, academic advisor, at (940) 397-4744 or 

The B.S. in Substance Abuse Counseling is right for you if...

  • You have an interest in helping others with their addiction problems
  • You have an associate's degree in this related field.
  • You are interested in pursuing your Chemical Dependency Licensure
  • You prefer a flexible course delivery

This program is offered completely online with a robust degree plan available for you as a download.

Information on the Licensed Chemical Dependecy Counselor is located on the Addiction Counselor website.