The English Graduate Program prepares students for the next step in their careers, whether that be teaching at the college level, entering into a field of professional writing, or continuing scholarly or creative pursuits. The curriculum is founded on courses in literature, language, writing studies, and pedagogy. Recent MSU graduates have used their degrees or certificates to establish careers in the arts, business, communications, education, government, law, publishing, and writing.

Online programs
  • Master of Arts and Master of Science: Students can choose to complete either the MA or MS. The two 30-hour degree programs differ only in that to pursue an MA, students need to meet a foreign language requirement.
  • English Minor: A master’s candidate in another field may obtain a minor in English by completing a minimum of 12 semester hours approved by the English Graduate Coordinator. Students seeking a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction can minor in English under Option I and II. 
  • English Graduate Certificates: We offer two 9-hour English certificates in Professional Studies and in Literature and Language Studies. Students can complete one or both certificates and later apply the course work to a master’s degree. For high school instructors who already have a master’s degree in another area, the credits can be applied toward faculty credential requirements for teaching dual credit English courses. For information on dual credit teaching, see the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Faculty Credential Guidelines and the Texas Education Agency Dual Credit FAQs.
  • With approval from their advisor, students can apply graduate English courses to the Master of Professional Studies (MPS), an interdisciplinary program.  
Tuition & fees 

See the attached Tuition and Fee Rate Table for Online Graduate Programs.

Graduate assistantship and scholarships

Prospective graduate students interested in applying for a graduate assistantship should contact Dr. Sally Henschel. Students are accepted as graduate assistants on the basis of academic merit and availability. Graduate merit scholarships also are available on a competitive basis.

Fall 2023 courses

(Aug. 28–Dec. 15):

ENGL 5043 X10 Introduction to Graduate English Studies

  • Students and faculty meet synchronously in Zoom each Tuesday evening from 6:00–7:00 pm, (Central) beginning Aug. 29, 2023.
  • Course Description: This course introduces students to the key scholarly conversations in English Studies as well as the primary forms of academic research and scholarly writing in the discipline. This course should be taken in the first year of coursework.
  • For additional information, contact Dr. Sally Henschel: sally.henschel@msutexas.edu
5133 X10 Advanced Creative Writing-Prose
  • Prerequisite: Graduate students with no prior creative writing experience who are seeking enrollment in this course must submit an 8–10 page writing sample at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester to Dr. John Schulze: john.schulze@msutexas.edu
  • Course Description: This course is cross-listed as a senior level creative writing course for undergraduates and as a graduate course for those students intending to compose a creative thesis for the completion of their degree requirements. This course is intended to help students further hone and polish basic skills in narration, characterization, plot, theme, dialogue, point of view, revision, etc. It is also intended to help students become more perceptive and sophisticated readers of fiction and/or creative nonfiction.
  • Synchronous Meetings: There will be three synchronous meetings with graduate students over the course of the semester. Meetings will last approximately 20 minutes, and the dates and times will be set in coordination with each student. Meetings can be in-person or online, depending on the preference expressed by the student. For additional information, contact to Dr. John Schulze: john.schulze@msutexas.edu

ENGL 5853 X10 Eighteenth Century English Literature

  • Course Description: The literature and intellectual currents of the period with emphasis on Pope, Swift, and Johnson. The distinctive feature of ENGL 5853 is the culminating graduate project comparing and contrasting notable British female authors of the 18th century including Anne Finch, Mary Astell, Lady Mary Wortley Montague, Eliza Haywood, Hester Thrale, and Francis Burney and examining the portrait of women as we find them in the works Johnson, Pope, Swift, and/or other male authors as represented in our Broadview 18th century anthology. For addition information, contact Dr. Peter Fields: peter.fields@msutexas.edu

 Note: In addition to those seeking an English MA/MS or graduate certificate, the courses above could be of interest to (1) MSU graduate students seeking the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction (under Option 1 or II) or the MPS in Professional Studies, and/or (2) high school teachers who already have a master’s degree in another field and are seeking English graduate credit to meet credential requirements for teaching English dual-credit courses. 


If you would like more information on the graduate program, please contact Dr. Sally Henschel, English Graduate Coordinator.