Sport & Leisure Studies (B.S.Ed.)

sport coach

Bachelor of Science in Education - Sport & Leisure Studies 

The new B.S. in Education with a major in Sport and Leisure Studies provides two options: a practitioner career track and a management track. The SPLS management track is oriented toward those seeking entry-level management positions in recreation, leisure and sport. The practitioner track prepares students for careers in athletic management, coaching, recreation, and tourism. Courses required for the SPLS Management Career tracking, including the SPLS core, will be online.


A B.S. in SPLS might be right for you if...

  • You have some college and workforce experience in this field
  • You are a transfer student with credits from one or more colleges/universities
  • You have a work expereince in this field and looking to elevate your career 
  • You enjoy promoting sport and leisure as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Need the flexibility of online courses or can only take a few courses each semester

No matter where you started we will meet you where you are and help you succeed!

For more information, please contact Ms. Krystle Brom at (940) 397 - 4768 or email: