The MSU Portal will get you everywhere you need to go, including your online classes in D2L.

Your username is in the following format: [first initial + middle initial + 12 characters of last name + ####]
#### are the first 4 characters of your date of birth.

Your password is your Mustangs ID followed by an exclamation mark.

Here are some examples of student usernames:

Student Login Examples
Name Date of Birth Username
Joseph B Smithson 12/05/1995 jbsmithson1205
Robert T Jones 01/03/1998 rtjones0103
Edward Q Epps 04/09/2001 eqepps0409

Once you're logged into the MSU Portal, click the D2L icon on the left-hand side (under Launchpad) to access your D2L courses.

If you are not using the MSU portal and are logging in directly to D2L, your username and password are synchronized with your Portal log-in credentials.


Log in to the MSU Portal using your MSU login and password. D2L will use the same credentials.

If you still have problems logging into D2L, please submit a problem report.
If you are having problems logging into the MSU portal, please visit the MSU Helpdesk webpage or contact IT at helpdesk@msutexas.edu