If you wish to install new telephones or relocate existing equipment, you should:

  1. Determine the location for the phone to be moved or installed.
  2. Check with Information Systems on extension number availability.
  3. If wiring needs to be installed, a requisition should be sent to the maintenance department.
  4. After the jack and wiring are ready, a requisition should be sent to Information Systems where it will be submitted to the telephone company. The requisition should be signed by the head of the department and the Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance.
  5. If no special equipment is required, it will take about five working days for the equipment to be installed.
  6. Estimated cost of equipment and installation will be furnished by Information Systems upon request.

Equipment and Telephone Charges

  1. Departments are assessed charges on the equipment they have and these charges are billed once a year by the Business Office.
  2. The Telecommunications Office produces a detailed monthly report which is sent to the departments after the first of every month on all Tex-an calls and WATS (out-of-state) calls. With the ever increasing cost, it is essential that you monitor these bills closely. If you determine a call to be unidentifiable, contact the Business Office for instructions.
  3. The Telecommunications Office does departmental transfers on WATS calls and Business Office does departmental transfers on Tex-an calls.
  4. AT&T bills the university for all credit card, DID line calls and calls made by students. The Telecommunications Office will prepare departmental transfers on these calls.
  5. Separate bills are received on all direct lines billed to the University. These are taken care of in Purchasing and the Business Office.  


Responsible for Implementation: Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance

Contact for Revision: Controller