Reimbursements are made to employees or students for approved purchases made on behalf of the University. Payments are also made to vendors for products and services not processed via a purchase order. Both reimbursements and payments are generated on a Direct Direct Payment Voucher form.

  1. Payments for the following goods and services are authorized to be paid with University funds; but should not be processed with a purchase order. They should be processed in accordance with these procedures.

    1. Registration fees for conferences, seminars and workshops. (These can be paid for using the University procurement card or through the Payment Voucher form.)
    2. Umpire/Officials fees for referring sporting events.
    3. Memberships (These can be paid for using the University procurement card or through the Payment Voucher form.)
    4. Overnight hotel lodging (paid on behalf of official University guest).
    5. Fees for performers and entertainers.
    6. Business meal reimbursements.
    7. Fees for Guest Lecturers.
    8. Subscriptions and Periodicals (unless a Purchase Order is required – may also be purchased using the University procurement card).
    9. Filing fees for work to be performed on buildings (i.e. Texas Department of Health).
    10. Professional registration/license fees (excluding software licenses).
    11. Postmaster-Permit, bulk rate fees and meter charges.
    12. Insurance premiums.
    13. Bus charters (unless a Purchase Order number is required by the company).
    14. Publications and audio-video material (prepared materials only).
    15. Employee incentives.
    16. Miscellaneous fees and assessments, i.e. accreditation, royalty, copyright and appraisals.
  2. Requirements on Reimbursements – All reimbursements must be supported by the following:

    1. Original receipt showing date goods or services were received; description and cost of goods or services purchased along with any tax or tip. Sales tax will not be reimbursed for any purchases of tangible goods. A Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate must be presented to the vendor at point of sale.
    2. A list of all participants is required for all meal and entertainment reimbursements. The receipt must be signed by the individual receiving reimbursement or by a department official when purchase is made directly from a vendor.
    3. An individual receiving reimbursement or payment may not approve his/her own payment voucher form. Individuals receiving reimbursement or payment must forward the payment voucher form to their supervisor for approval.
    4. Tips are normally reimbursable up to 15% of total purchase, however, actual will be reimbursed, if reasonable, and supported by appropriate documentation.
    5. Requirements on payments to vendors – The following information must be provided:
      1. Invoice showing name of company, address for remittance, description and cost of goods or services, shipping charges (actual or estimated) and amount due. Shipping and receiving documentation must be submitted reflecting acceptance by the University of the goods or service.