Where are you located?

We are located on the first floor of Moffett Library across from the Information desk behind Starbucks. Here you'll find the Learning Center, MWSU first-year seminar classrooms, as well as TASP's staff offices. 

Do I need an appointment for tutoring?

No, you simply show up when your subject is being offered and sign in to work with a tutor. There might be a short wait, but a tutor will assist you when you arrive.

Is tutoring free?

Yes, you won't have to pay anything when you visit our centers.

Is there tutoring offered for my class?

Check our schedule for the most updated information about which courses are available for tutoring. See our home page for more information. 

Who are the tutors?

Tutors are faculty-referred graduate and undergraduate students who complete extensive on-going training. 

Are you interested in becoming a TASP tutor? Please complete an application (side bar > online forms) and bring it by LI 114 in the Moffett Library Learning Center. 

Do you offer Online Tutoring?

Yes, we offer online tutoring. Currently, this service is only available for MSU Distance Education students. 

For more information about tutoring in specific content areas online, check out our Distance Education Tutoring page

What if I'm an Undecided major?

All UNDC majors need to schedule an appointment with Scott Feldman. 

You're encouraged to schedule an appointment as soon as class schedules are released. 

What does TASP provide for Student-Athletes?

We work with student-athletes to support their studies while they're on the road by allowing them access to our online tutoring platform, Thinkingstorm, available through D2L. If you're a student-athlete, talk with your head coach about this service. 

How do I get a TASP hold removed?

WARNING: Each student is responsible for knowing whether they are eligible to continue or enroll at the University. An ineligible student who registers will be withdrawn. The student should keep track of their own academic standing in WebWorld and cannot use lack of knowledge as an excuse. If a student is seeking early readmission, please see the "If I'm on suspension, what are my options?" section of the FAQ page. 

There are various reasons that students can have a TASP hold on their account including but not limited to being on suspension and First-year probation. 

If a student is returning from suspension, they need to follow the "Re-enrolling Students" steps on the Admissions webpage. Once re-admitted to the university, the student should schedule an appointment to meet with their advisor. After discussing a manageable class load with the advisor (no more than 15 hours), the student should bring or send a copy of the advisor-approved schedule to juan.mercado@msutexas.edu Please note that students who are returning from suspension are required to enroll in MWSU 1003: Skills for Success if they haven't taken it in a previous term and earned a C or above. Upon receiving the schedule, TASP will lift the hold and help the student register.


If a student is placed on First-year Probation, they can remove their TASP hold with the Academic Counselor in their College. For a list of the Academic Counselors, please visit https://msutexas.edu/academics/advising/. TASP works closely with the colleges to ensure that students remain in compliance with the policies. All students on First-year probation should refer to the correspondence they receive from Ashley Hurst, Director of TASP immediately following the posting of final grades. 


Students with questions about their academic status should refer to the catalog or contact the TASP office at (940) 397-4461 for an appointment to discuss. Students are required to keep their contact information in WebWorld updated, as this is the information TASP uses for correspondence. 


If I'm on suspension, what are my options?

Students who are placed on academic suspension have a few options depending on the suspension level and semester. Immediately following finalized grades at the close of each long semester, TASP will send all students on suspension correspondence with all applicable options. Students will be required to keep TASP apprised of whatever option they decide to pursue. 

Some of the options include sitting out the allotted suspension time (1 long semester for first suspension, 2 long semesters for second suspension, etc.), participating in the summer suspension program (limited to certain suspension situations), and appealing for early readmission. 

Students interested in appealing before the Readmission Committee must first be eligible; students can only meet before the committee once in their career at MSU. Eligible students should send an email to Ashley.Hurst@msutexas.edu. She will then send details and help set up a time for the student to meet before the committee on the designated student appeal meetings dates in January, June, and August. Students must attend the appeal (no digital options unless out of state), and if they miss their appointment without notifying TASP of any extenuating circumstances prior to, they will forfeit their appeal and will not be eligible to meet before the committee again. Meeting locations, days, and times will be revealed in the correspondence sent to students on suspension immediately following the posting of final grades. 

Please note that students must have all Business Office holds cleared before meeting with the committee. For questions about account holds, students can contact the appropriate listed office. 

Students receiving Financial Aid who earn academic suspension and or probation must also contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine whether their funding has been affected due to their academic standing. TASP cannot answer questions about Financial Aid.  

Students who live on campus should also contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life to see how their housing assignment might be affected by their academic standing. 

If I'm on probation, what are my options?

Students should consider the term "probation" as a "warning" semester, meaning that students can still attend the University, but with contingencies. 

First-Year Probation 

TASP will send students on first-year probation correspondence immediately following the posting of final grades. That correspondence will list steps that students need to take to be in compliance with the First-Year Probation Program (FYP). These steps typically involve students talking with their advisors and/or Academic Counselors to repeat any courses earning a D/F as well as adding MWSU 1003: Skills for Success. 

The First-Year Probation Program is intended to help students repair their GPAs and get back in good academic standing so they don't end up on suspension. For more information about academic standing, please visit the Advising website. Students should direct any questions about the FYP program to the TASP office. 

Continued Probation 

Students will be placed on Continued Probation (CP) until they earn both a cumulative and semester GPA of at least a 2.0. Please visit the Advising website for more information about academic standing. TASP encourages students on CP to talk with their advisors/counselors about maintaining a manageable course load and repeating any Ds/Fs if applicable in order to bring up their GPA as quickly as possible. If students on CP haven't taken MWSU 1003, TASP highly encourages adding that course as well. For more information about MWSU 1003, visit the Skills for Success webpage.