Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an internationally recognized academic success program offering free, regularly scheduled informal review sessions for traditionally difficult courses.

SI is actually a more intensive type of tutoring. It is designed to assist students improve their academic performance just like normal tutoring; However, Supplemental Instruction is designed for historically difficult courses with a leader that has successfully completed the course.  Instructors select SI Leaders to guide study sessions for their specific class sections.  SI leaders also attend current classes with students and often get direct preparation from the instructor.  Supplemental instruction focuses on content, learning/study strategies and internalization of course content. 

This a table listing the SI sessions for the Spring 2019 semester. For more information, please call 940-397-4461
Course/Professor Session Information SI Leader
HIST 1233 Snow

M: 2-3:30 PY 202

W: 2-3:30 PY 202 

HIST 1133 Draper

W: 5-6 PY 204

R: 3-5 BO 213

BIOL 1134 Georges

T: 5-6:30 BO 311

R: 1-2:30 BO 311

POLS 1433 Keel

T: 3-4:30 BO 209

R: 3-4:30 BO 209

MATH 1233 2R1/2 Slavens /Fosnaugh

T: 6:30-8:30 BO 101

F: 1-2:30 BO 109

PSYC 1103 Carlston

R: 7-8:30 PY Conference Room


PSYC 1103 Frankowski

W: 2-3 PY 102

R: 4-5 PY 102

CMPS 1063 Colmenares

M: 4-5 BO 103

T: 4-5 BO 103

R: 9-10 BO 120


Who can attend the SI sessions?

Any student who is currently enrolled in a designated SI section of a selected course. (This can be determined by looking in the schedule of classes for a class section with the letters SI attached)

Does it cost money?

No, it is free to any student enrolled in the specified class.

Why should I go to the SI sessions... I am a pretty good student anyway?

Research indicates that students earn one-half to one full letter grade higher if they attend SI sessions regularly.

Do I have to attend the sessions or will the instructor know if I don't?

No, attendance is voluntary. No, the instructor does not receive any information from our program about who is or isn't attending the sessions unless requested. If you are a student athlete, you may have the SI leader sign off for study hours, if applicable. 

Leader Qualifications

  1. Junior or Senior standing is preferred
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.5 is preferred; GPA of 3.0 minimum is required.
  3. A grade of 4.0 in the selected course is required unless overwritten by the course professor.
  4. Recommendation/approval by the professor for the course.

To become a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader, please fill out the application below. Be sure to include a faculty reference letter to the end of the application.

SI Leader Application