The measurements and instrumentations lab focus on various sensors and data acquisition system, in addition to digital data processing. The six ELVIS II training stations provides fundamental circuits and electronics training on amplifiers and analog filters, which are both very important components of measurement systems. The lab is equipped with two DIGIAC 1750 electronics and instrumentations trainers, which provide a wide variety of instruments such as thermocouples, hall effect sensors, and encoders, etc. It is very important to understand the fundamental of different sensors of how they operates and how measurements could obtained. These training provide a chance for the students to put all the measurements and instruments components together and make it a working measurement system. Data acquisition is performed using LABVIEWs in computers. Students will be dealing with data acquisition of strain gauges, accelerometers, etc. After collecting the data, student are required to perform (frequency analysis or apply digital filters) to analyze the data using MATLAB programs.

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