Senior Design

senior design class of 2021

Senior Design is a year long senior capstone class that emphasizes creative and critical thinking, planning, design, team work, and project management. It integrates knowledge gained from most of the required courses in a major design project. Students will design, build, and formally present their completed projects to a panel of professional reviewers. Ideally students will ideally work on projects from local industry. If such projects are not available, the students or the instructor may propose projects. 

Senior Design Projects

senior design Team - Arconic     

  Project: A Mold Wax Dipping Apparatus -  Arconic
  Faculty: Dr. Salim Azzouz
  Julie Goforth
  Heather Goolsby
  William Mendez
  Khoa Tran     

Senior design team- Tranter 2019

  Project: Study of Deflection in GPHE Products
  Under Hydropressure - Tranter
  Faculty: Dr. Salim Azzouz
  Brian Blair
  Joseph Munholland
  Chenai Sukume
  Chengxiang Xiao    

Senior Design Team 2019

  Project: Measure Loop Systems for Material Flows
  and Power Transmissions
  Faculty: Dr. Sheldon Wang
  Blake Jenkins
  Timothy Jones
  Grantley Samuels
  Zachary Voohies

Senior Design Team 2019 

  Project: Mobile Wireless Surveilance Systems and
  and Unpredictable Coherent Motions
  Faculty: Dr. Sheldon Wang
  Virgil Henry
  Darrell Middlesworth
  Mamgoree Sock
  Juwel Williams

Senior Design Team 2019

  Project: Automated Pencil Sharpening Robotic
  Work Cell
  Faculty: Dr. Jan Brink & Dr. Yu Guo
  Afolabi Adereti
  Calvert Aaron
  Jedeshkeran Chandrasegaran
  Parth Sagpariya

Senior Design team 2019

  Project: Pneumatic Pick and Place Non-Servo
  Robot using a Programmable Logic Controller
  Faculty: Dr. Jan Brink
  Frankline Akech
  Mi'Kyle Percentile
  Jenom Pyeng
  Bryan Rutledge

Senior Design Team 2019

  Project: A Bionic Hand with Force Feedback
  Faculty: Dr. Yu Guo
  Anih Nchetachukwu
  Chance Craig
  Dieonna George
  Kenneth Griffin

Senior Design Team 2019

  Project: Design and Implementation of a Bionic
  Robot Arm
  Faculty: Dr. Yu Guo
  Omar Clarke
  Jomarie Leblanc
  Michael Sweeting
  Nicholas Wolf

Senior Design Team 2019

  Project: A Pulley Based Movable Apparatus for the
  Biology Department - Block Division
  Faculty: Dr. Jeong Tae Ok and Dr. Zeki Ilhan
  Johnny Cognasi
  Jason Perkins
  Joseph Randall
  Melanie Ronoh

Senior Design Team 2019

  Project: Multi-Phase Flow Performance in the
  Faculty: Dr. Mahmoud Elsharafi
  Abdulhadi Alsadi
  Tapiwa Gassler
  Till Gebel
  Abigail Reyes
senior design project

  Project: Salt Ions Separation Study When Exposed
  to an Electric field
  Faculty: Dr. Salim Azzouz
  Vongai Nyikayaramba
  Kristen Moss





Senior Design Projects
   Senior Design Team 2018   

  Project: Study of Gasket Deformation in GPHE
  Products -Tranter
  Faculty: Dr. Salim Azzouz
  Jocelyn Brown
  Thuiappuarachchige De Alwis
  Brett Scheffe

Senior Design Team 2018

  Project: Automation of a Gear/Chain Based

  Faculty: Dr. Salim Azzouz
  James Ivey
  Joshua Munoz
  Juan Orozco
  Seth Witherspoon 

Senior Design team 2018

  Project: Flow Loop Systems with Heat Transfer
  and Compressible Air
  Faculty: Dr. Sheldon Wang
  Christian Gregory
  John Henton
  Bailey Kauffman
  Corbin Matamoros

Senior Design Teams 2018

  Project: Sucker Rod Pump System for Leakage
  Faculty: Dr. Sheldon Wang
  Branden Allen
  Danielle Arrington
  Eric Savage
  Daryn Sims

Senior Design Team 2018

  Project: Pneumatic Cylindrical Pick and Place
  Robot using a Programmable Controller
  Faculty: Dr. Jan Brink
  Brady Burross
  Denzel Kinyua
  Alan Peregrino
  Michael Reynolds
  Kentzie Rhodes

Senior Design Team 2018

  Project: Hopper Feeding of an Automated
  Stamping Operation of a Part using a Pneumatic
  Indexing Operation and Programmable Logic

  Faculty: Dr. Jan Brink
  Jason Hill
  Victor Juarez
  Colton Kowalick
  Aaron Stewart

Senior Design Team 2018

  Project: Deep Sea Exploration using an Intelligent
  Unmanned Drone Fleet
  Faculty: Dr. Yu Guo
  Ryan Fidler
  Rojitha Gooneskere
  Nicholas Jaramillo
  Jenom Pyeng
  Chiedza Tokonyai

Senior Design Team 2018

  Project: Field Deployable Fixed Wing Drone
  Faculty: Dr. Yu Guo
  Sean Egloff
  Hunter May
  Latham Moody
  Tyler Parnell
  Zeltzin Reyes

Senior Design 2018

  Project:Thermocline Apparatus for the
  Establishment of Thermo Preference of Lizard

  Faculty: Dr. Jeong Tae Ok
  Colton Dorian
  William Hendrickson
  Kennan Marino
  Kevin Tracy

Senior Design 2018

  Project: Heat Transfer Effect on the Conversion of
  Plastic Waste

  Faculty: Dr. Mahmoud Elsharafi
  Caleb Acuna
  Brandy Fields
  William Statham
  Sheldon Wash