Students that complete the Redwine Honors Program are rewarded with special recognition from the University. Honors program graduates are announced during the commencement ceremony. Graduates are identified at commencement by a distinguished Honors Medallion to be worn during the ceremony. Additionally, completion of the program will be reflected on the graduates final transcript. To achieve this distinction student must complete the following:   

  • Completion of at least eight required courses with a grade of C or higher including MWSU 2003: Creative Inquiry: Interdisciplinary Thinking, four Honors designated core courses, one upper-level interdisciplinary Honors course, and two Honors contract to be completed in the student’s major or minor.  
  • Participation in a specified set of co-curricular activities each semester.
  • Participation in an Honors community service event each semester.
  • Participation in at least two conferences and/or field trips.
  • Completion of a signature experience in either an internship with a comprehensive project, study abroad with a comprehensive project, or a senior research project. Note Presidential Scholars must complete two of these.
  • Completion of a Learning Portfolio documenting a student’s development at MSU.
  • Enroll in 15 credit hours each semester and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 (3.5 for Presidential scholars).